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doooby / cube_mod_alg.rb
Created January 5, 2021 16:22
it modifies a rubic's cube algorithm
# Usage: cube_mod_alg.rb operation algorithm
# operations can be chained: "op1 | op2"
# algorithm suports basic moves written in standard notaion: "D'L' B'L BD "
# left hand fingers up, palm-away
# thumb = +x
# fingers = +y
# palm = +z
x: [ :blue, :green ].freeze,
doooby /
Last active August 29, 2015 14:13
Direct (POST) uploading to AWS S3 using aws-sdk gem

Direct uploading to AWS S3

Since there are new regions of Amazon S3 services that accepts only Signature v4 (e.g. frankfurt) you cannot use aws-sdk-v1 gem's #presigned_url functionality. And newer aws-sdk gem (beeing stil in preview for 2.x) doesn't have a functionality to do direct uploading either. Here's my inplementation of that functionality, build on top of aws-sdk v2.0.16.pre and jquery (it's using some javascript stuff that older browsers won't support though).

For some basic information see this Heroku's Direct to S3 Image Uploads in Rails article . A "how to" by Amazaon itself in Authenticating Requests in Browser-Based Uploads Using POST (AWS Signature Version 4) (notice beelow are subsections of details, like how to create signing policy).

An exapmle for simultaneous multiple images browser-based uploading

So, I build it the way,