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Example of a Dagger wrapped pilot stack for Activity/Stack scoped DI.
* A PilotStack that also holds a ref to a Dagger Component. This is useful for easy Activity-Scoped DI as the PilotStack has to already live
* on past the host-Activities config-change events by some mechanism (project dependent).
* @param <D> A Dagger Component to supply all deps for this stacks frames.
//todo unused - here for dagger activity scope refactor (See trello)
public class DaggerPilotStack<D> extends PilotStack
D scopedDaggerComponent;
public DaggerPilotStack(PilotFrameFactory pilotFrameFactory, D scopedDaggerComponent)
this.scopedDaggerComponent = scopedDaggerComponent;
public D getScopedDaggerComponent()
return scopedDaggerComponent;
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