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Created January 23, 2021 18:53
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#!/usr/bin/perl -pw
use strict;
# Sun 6 Jun 2004 Curtis Doty <>
# - modified Riku Meskanen's script
# - added WEP key translation and supposed extra keys
my @md5xlat = ( 0x64, 0x73, 0x66, 0x64, 0x3b, 0x6b, 0x66, 0x6f, # dsfd;kfo
0x41, 0x2c, 0x2e, 0x69, 0x79, 0x65, 0x77, 0x72, # A,.iyewr
0x6b, 0x6c, 0x64, 0x4a, 0x4b, 0x44, 0x48, 0x53, # kldJKDHS
0x55, 0x42, 0x73, 0x67, 0x76, 0x63, 0x61, 0x36, # UBsgvca6
0x39, 0x38, 0x33, 0x34, 0x6e, 0x63, 0x78, 0x76, # 9834ncxv
0x39, 0x38, 0x37, 0x33, 0x32, 0x35, 0x34, 0x6b, # 9873254k
0x3b, 0x66, 0x67, 0x38, 0x37); # ;fg87
my @wepxlat = ( 0x2c, 0xf4, 0x6e, 0xc3, 0x7a, 0x4e, 0x14, 0x29,
0x3e, 0xf3, 0x17, 0x5a, 0x6d, 0x26, 0x6a, 0x07,
0x5a, 0x62, 0x14, 0x06, 0x0d, 0x33, 0x12, 0x03,
0x31, 0xc6, 0x0c, 0x72, 0x28, 0x5b, 0x7a, 0xc7);
my $pf; my @xlat;
if (/(password|md5|key|ascii|40bit|128bit|hex)\s+7\s+([\da-f]+)/io) {
if (!(length($2) & 1)) {
my $type = $1;
my $obfuscated = $2;
my $clear = "";
# first two chars is the $salt and the rest is the actual $hash
my ($salt, $hash) = ($obfuscated =~ /^(..)(.+)/o);
# two different possible translations
if ($type =~ /bit|hex/) {
$salt = hex($salt);
$pf = "%02X";
@xlat = @wepxlat;
} else {
$pf = "%c";
@xlat = @md5xlat;
# get down to businesss
for (my $i=0; $i<length($hash); $i+=2) {
$salt = $salt & 0x1f; # don't spill the salt
$clear .= sprintf $pf, hex(substr($hash,$i,2)) ^ $xlat[$salt++];
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