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Crontab entry to monitor for php-fpm problems
## Auto-restart PHP when it's returning errors
# Make sure that http://localhost/test.php is an actual PHP script. If it starts returning
# 500 errors, restart the PHP-FPM service
* * * * * /usr/bin/curl --head -sf http://localhost/test.php -o /dev/null || /usr/sbin/service php5-fpm restart

hello , that's good

can you help me please with same command , but do restart to php-fpm and nginx into same line


  • * * * * /usr/bin/curl --head -sf http://localhost/test.php -o /dev/null || /usr/sbin/service php5-fpm restart /usr/sbin/service nginx restart

but it not work with me
i try

  • * * * * /usr/bin/curl --head -sf http://localhost/test.php -o /dev/null || /usr/sbin/service php5-fpm restart && /usr/sbin/service nginx restart

it's not work too

please help



* * * * /usr/bin/curl --head -sf http://localhost/test.php -o /dev/null || (/usr/sbin/service php5-fpm restart && /usr/sbin/service nginx restart)

And double-check to make sure the paths are correct for your system.


thanks so much i found some way helps


  • * * * * /usr/bin/curl --head -sf http://localhost/test.php -o /dev/null || /

and insert my restart command into

it's work fine

thanks so much for your answer



Thanks, I needed this :)

PS: Your comment has 4 time arguments... shouldn't there be 5?


Thanks a lot! Great way to monitor your php-fpm for the occasional Internal Error 500 hell and keep it up until you find the problem :)

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