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<div class="flex flex-col">
<highlights title="Last 30 Days" />
<div class="flex flex-row">
<activities title="Activities" />
<appointments title="Upcoming Appointments" />
<div class="flex flex-col p-12">
<online-teammates title="Teammates Online" />
import { mapActions } from 'vuex'
import Highlights from '../compound/Highlights.vue'
import Activities from '../compound/Activities.vue'
import Appointments from '../compound/Appointments.vue'
import OnlineTeammates from '../compound/OnlineTeammates.vue'
export default {
name: 'home-screen',
components: { Highlights, Activities, Appointments, OnlineTeammates },
methods: {
setUserData: 'user/setUserData'
mounted() {
name: 'Tom Cook'
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