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Last active Feb 12, 2021
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- "name": "BLOCKED"
"description": "Blocked by other pull requests"
"color": "eb445a" # red
- "name": "chore"
"description": "Build process or auxiliary tool changes"
"color": "5260ff" # tertiary
- "name": "ci"
"description": "CI related changes"
"color": "00ffff" # cyan
- "name": "docs"
"description": "Documentation only changes"
"color": "2dd36f" # green
- "name": "feat"
"description": "A new feature"
"color": "3880ff" # primary
- "name": "fix"
"description": "A bug fix"
"color": "ffc409" # yellow
- "name": "perf"
"description": "A code change that improves performance"
"color": "ffb6c1" # lightpink
- "name": "refactor"
"description": "A code change that neither fixes a bug or adds a feature"
"color": "ff8c00" # darkorange
- "name": "release-major"
"description": "Semver major release"
"color": "222428" # dark
- "name": "release-minor"
"description": "Semver minor release"
"color": "92949c" # medium
- "name": "release-patch"
"description": "Semver patch release"
"color": "f4f5f8" # light
- "name": "release-prerelease"
"description": "Semver prerelease release"
"color": "ffffff" # white
- "name": "style"
"description": "Markup, white-space, formatting, missing semi-colons..."
"color": "ff00ff" # magenta
- "name": "test"
"description": "Adding missing tests"
"color": "b22222" # firebrick
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