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$ git log -1
commit 9856da7802247e70ba7410666d0048fc7a1e2f07
Author: Diego Pino Garcia <>
Date: Thu Oct 27 14:48:40 2016 +0000
Add unit test for ipv6_cache_trigger
TEST core.timer
TEST core.counter
TEST core.lib
TEST core.main
TEST core.packet
TEST core.memory
TEST core.shm
TEST core.histogram
SKIPPED testlog/
TEST apps.vhost.vhost_user
SKIPPED testlog/apps.vhost.vhost_user
TEST apps.ipv6.nd_light
TEST apps.test.synth
TEST apps.test.match
TEST apps.virtio_net.virtio_net
SKIPPED testlog/apps.virtio_net.virtio_net
TEST apps.lwaftr.nh_fwd
TEST apps.lwaftr.binding_table
TEST apps.lwaftr.ctable_wrapper
TEST apps.lwaftr.dump
TEST apps.lwaftr.lwdebug
TEST apps.lwaftr.ndp
TEST apps.lwaftr.fragmentv4_test
TEST apps.lwaftr.fragmentv4_hardened
TEST apps.lwaftr.V4V6
TEST apps.lwaftr.conf
TEST apps.lwaftr.fragmentv6_hardened
TEST apps.lwaftr.rangemap
TEST apps.lwaftr.podhashmap
TEST apps.lwaftr.arp
TEST apps.rate_limiter.rate_limiter
TEST apps.bridge.mac_table
TEST apps.packet_filter.pcap_filter
TEST apps.tap.tap
SKIPPED testlog/apps.tap.tap
TEST apps.vlan.vlan
TEST apps.socket.unix
TEST apps.socket.raw
TEST apps.keyed_ipv6_tunnel.tunnel
TEST lib.pmu
SKIPPED testlog/lib.pmu
TEST lib.ctable
TEST lib.hash.murmur
TEST lib.protocol.ipv6
TEST lib.protocol.datagram
TEST lib.protocol.tcp
TEST lib.protocol.ipv4
TEST lib.traceprof.traceprof
TEST lib.ipc.shmem.shmem
TEST lib.hardware.pci
TEST lib.checksum
TEST lib.ipsec.aes_128_gcm
TEST lib.ipsec.esp
TEST lib.numa
TEST program.snabbnfv.neutron2snabb.neutron2snabb_schema
TEST program.snabbnfv.neutron2snabb.neutron2snabb
TEST program.snabbnfv.nfvconfig
TEST apps/solarflare/
SKIPPED testlog/
TEST apps/tap/
TEST lib/watchdog/
TEST program/lwaftr/tests/soaktest/
TEST program/lwaftr/tests/end-to-end/
TEST program/snabbnfv/
TEST program/snabbnfv/neutron2snabb/
TEST program/snabbvmx/tests/
TEST program/snabbvmx/tests/end-to-end/
TEST program/snabbvmx/tests/nexthop/
TEST program/packetblaster/
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