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Last active Dec 17, 2015
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utility functions to make `if __name__ is "__main__":` less painful in Python
# Copyright David Kendal, 2013
# You may redistribute this code, modified or unmodified, provided that this article is preserved in its entirety.
# Like all software, and information generally, this work is without warranty.
import inspect
# "if isscript():" is "if __name__ is '__main__':"
def isscript(frames=1):
callers = inspect.getouterframes(inspect.currentframe())
return callers[frames][0].f_globals['__name__'] == '__main__'
# "@script" / "def main():" is "if __name__ is '__main__':"
def script(main):
if isscript(2):
return main()
# "@noscript" / "def main():" is "if __name__ != '__main__':"
def noscript(main):
if not isscript(2):
return main()
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