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A bash script for automatically downloading new podcast episodes and pretty-printing new files. Works on Linux and BSD/OS X
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# The following script parses podcast feeds and downloads all podcast episodes listed in
# the feed if they don't exist within the target path. The target directory will be created
# if it does not exist.
[ -x "$(command -v wget)" ] || (echo "wget is not installed" && exit 1)
[ -x "$(command -v sed)" ] || (echo "sed is not installed" && exit 1)
[ -x "$(command -v xargs)" ] || (echo "xargs is not installed" && exit 1)
function download_files_from_feed {
[ -d $2 ] || mkdir -p $2
cd $2
wget -nc $(wget -q -O - $1 | sed -n 's/.*enclosure.*url="\([^"]*\)" .*/\1/p')
function echo_update_stats {
PODCAST_UPDATE_LIST=$(find $1 -ctime -1 -type f)
echo "All podcasts updated."
echo -e "\nNew episodes within the last 24 hours:"
echo $PODCAST_UPDATE_LIST | xargs basename | xargs printf "* %s\n"
echo "No new episodes are available."
# Download audio files from podcast feeds.
# Feed subscriptions are exemplified below.
download_files_from_feed $PODCAST_DIR/LogbuchNetzpolitik
download_files_from_feed $PODCAST_DIR/Freakshow
download_files_from_feed $PODCAST_DIR/CRE
# This one's sending notifications to my phone but might not be useful for you
#/root/ "$(echo_update_stats $PODCAST_DIR)"
echo_update_stats $PODCAST_DIR

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@xthursdayx xthursdayx commented Nov 6, 2016

Thanks for this awesome script! Just a question though. I'm trying to use this to download NPR's TinyDeskConcerts video feed. It works, but the filenames and file types are all messed up (for example, the file types are mp4?orgId=1&d=894&p=510292&story=485232774&t=podcast&e=485232774&ft=pod&f=510292)

Any idea how I can fix this? The feed location is:

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