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# Set your cygwin home from /home/$USER to Windows %APPDATA aka /cygdrive/c/Users/$USER
mkpasswd -c -p "$(cygpath -H)" > /etc/passwd
# Can also use -l (local) or -d (domain) but domain takes a LONG time on a large domain, and local adds ALL local users to the /etc/passwd file.
View gist:e42397eacc568d75549b
Insert the following code into the *.VMX file:
sched.mem.pshare.enable = "FALSE"
mainMem.useNamedFile = "FALSE"
prefvmx.minVmMemPct = "100"
prefvmx.useRecommendedLockedMemSize = "TRUE"
mainMem.partialLazySave = "FALSE"
mainMem.partialLazyRestore = "FALSE"
priority.grabbed = "high"
priority.ungrabbed = "normal"
dragon788 /
Created Jan 30, 2015
post-build Packer provisioning
#!/bin/bash -x
mkdir /mnt/cdrom
mount -o loop linux.iso /mnt/cdrom
cp /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools*.gz /tmp/
cd /tmp
tar -zxvf VMwareTools*
cd vmware-tools-distrib
./ --default EULA_AGREED=yes
umount /mnt/cdrom
View tmux.bash
# Brett Terpstra 2014
# <>
# tmux wrapper
# tm session-name [window-name]
# Names can be partial from the beginning and first match will connect.
# If no match is found a new session will be created.
# If there's a second argument, it will be used to attach directly to a
# window in the session, or to name the first window in a new session.
tm() {
View tm.completion.bash
_tm_complete() {
local rx
local token=${COMP_WORDS[$COMP_CWORD]}
local IFS=$'\t'
local words
if [ $COMP_CWORD -eq 2 ]; then
words=$(tmux list-windows -t ${COMP_WORDS[1]} 2> /dev/null | awk '{print $2}' | tr -d '*-' | tr "\n" "\t")
elif [ $COMP_CWORD -eq 1 ]; then
words=$(tmux -q list-sessions 2> /dev/null | cut -f 1 -d ':' | tr "\n" " ")
dragon788 / stayunlocked
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Tweaks for Vagrant boxes to prevent locking in the VM
View stayunlocked
# Disable screensaver (by setting time to never)
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.session idle-delay 0
# Disable lock screen entirely
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.lockdown disable-lock-screen true
gsettings list-recursively
View .bashrc-history
$ grep -ri hist ~/.bashrc | grep -v alias
# don't put duplicate lines or lines starting with space in the history.
# append to the history file, don't overwrite it
shopt -s histappend
# for setting history length see HISTSIZE and HISTFILESIZE in bash(1)
export HISTSIZE=100000
export HISTFILESIZE=50000
View gist:cba0c40f4983cd0b6a47
# Need to set 'git config core.filemode false' because Windows sucks.
git config core.filemode false
# This was causing issues with .oh-my-zsh not wanting to update due to
# broken/loose permissions on various files.
# Running this in the .oh-my-zsh folder broke git aliasing for some reason
# Set this to enable windows native symlinks (On XT3)
CYGWIN="${CYGWIN} winsymlinks:nativestrict"
dragon788 /
Created Mar 12, 2015
Fixing SSH permissions issues
chmod 700 .ssh
cd .ssh
chmod 600 *
chmod 644 *.pub
dragon788 / gist:fb023aaa727041e84f58
Created Mar 16, 2015
Nexus Q ball hacks and tweaks
View gist:fb023aaa727041e84f58
as root
setprop persist.sys.ringcolor "16711680 16744192 16776960 65280 255 6684927 9109759"
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