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rejection sampling demo - Matlab
%% true probability distribution
true_func = @(x) betapdf(x,1+1,1+10);
%% Do rejection sampling
% create many samples on interval 0-1
x_samples = rand(10^6,1);
% evaluate for each sample
sample_value = true_func(x_samples);
% accept in proportion to highest
max_value = max(sample_value);
accepted = rand(10^6,1) < (sample_value/max_value);
samples = x_samples(accepted);
%% plot
x = linspace(0,1,1000);
plot(x, true_func(x) )
proportion_rejected = sum(accepted==0) / numel(x_samples);
title([num2str(proportion_rejected*100) '% of samples rejected'])
% example inspired by
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