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import colorsys
def ColorSpread(count, saturation, lightness):
Compute a stepped spectrum sequence of color values that are evenly
distributed around the 360 degree hue wheel. Returns an array of rgb
values in hex.
count The desired number of colors
saturation Color saturation level, from 0 to 1
lightness Color lightness, from 0 to 1
IMPORTANT: all values must be expressed as floats, even if they are
round numbers
>>> a = ColorSpread(6.0, .7, .8)
>>> a
['F07575', 'F0F075', '75F075', '75F0F0', '7575F0', 'F075F0']
>>> for x in a:
... print "#%s" % (x)
step = 1.0 / count
hue = 0
colors = []
for i in range(int(count)):
dec = colorsys.hls_to_rgb(hue, saturation, lightness)
hue = hue + step
hexvals = []
for c in dec:
x = c * 256
hexvals.append("%X" % x)
color = "%s%s%s" % (hexvals[0], hexvals[1], hexvals[2])
return colors
if __name__ == "__main__":
import doctest
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