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Rename ripped directory from ARM based on search
import sys
import imdb
import click
from os import listdir, system, rename
from os.path import isfile, join, getctime, basename
from lxml.builder import E
from lxml import etree
moviePlayer = "totem"
rootDir = "/home/mcrowe/NAS/Movies/Ripped"
topActors = 3
ia = imdb.IMDb()
def getMovies(query):
movies = ia.search_movie(query)
return movies
def getDirectories(dir):
onlydirs = [f for f in listdir(dir) if not isfile(join(dir, f)) and f.find("(") == -1]
onlydirs.sort(key=lambda x: getctime(join(dir, x)))
return onlydirs
def getFiles(root, _dir):
dir = join(root, _dir)
onlyfiles = [f for f in listdir(dir) if isfile(join(dir, f)) and f.find("(") == -1]
result = {
"main": None,
"extras": []
for file in onlyfiles:
base = file.split(".")[0]
if base.endswith("00"):
result["main"] = file
if not result["main"]:
return None
return result
def getMovieFromImdb():
search = click.prompt("Movie Search", default="")
if search == "":
return None
movies = getMovies(search)
prompts = []
print("-1: New Search")
print("0: Skip")
for movie in movies[:25]:
new_title = f"%s (%d)" % (movie.get("title"), movie.get("year") or 0)
new_title = new_title.replace("/", "-")
cast_list = []
movie_details = None
if len(prompts) < 2:
movie_details = ia.get_movie(movie.movieID)
cast = movie_details.get('cast')
if cast:
for actor in cast[:topActors]:
print(f"%d: %s %s" % (len(prompts) + 1, new_title, ",".join(cast_list)))
option = {
"dir": dir,
"new_title": new_title,
"movie": movie,
"movie_details": movie_details
result = click.prompt("Select")
if result == "-1":
print("Searching for same directory as before")
return getMovieFromImdb()
index = int(result) - 1
if index >= 0 and index < len(prompts):
return prompts[index]
return None
def showMovie(dir, file):
command = f"%s \"%s/%s/%s\"" % (moviePlayer, rootDir, dir, file)
print("Running command: " + command)
def do_rename(old, new):
print(f"rename %s -> %s" % (old, new))
rename(join(rootDir, old), join(rootDir, new))
def process(dir, new_title, movie, movie_details):
do_rename(dir, new_title)
do_rename(join(new_title, files["main"]), join(new_title, new_title + ".mkv"))
extra = 1
for file in files["extras"]:
extra_name = f"%s - Extra #%d.mkv" % (new_title, extra)
extra += 1
do_rename(join(new_title, file), join(new_title, extra_name))
for dir in getDirectories(rootDir):
click.echo(f"Search Directory: %s" % dir)
files = getFiles(rootDir, dir)
if not files:
print("Skipping directory " + dir)
showMovie(dir, files["main"])
details = getMovieFromImdb()
if details:
process(details["dir"], details["new_title"], details["movie"], details["movie_details"])
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