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Andriy Drozdyuk drozzy

  • Ottawa, Canada
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using Printf
using NeuralPDE, Flux, ModelingToolkit, GalacticOptim, Optim, DiffEqFlux
using Quadrature, Cubature, Cuba
@parameters t,x
@variables c(..)
@derivatives Dt'~t
@derivatives Dxx''~x
@derivatives Dx'~x
import random
c = random.choice
areas = ["rl", "transfer learning", "attention", "distillation", "unsupervised learning", 'multi-task learning']
architectures = ["transformers", "RNNs", "CNNs", "ResNETs", "NeuralODEs", "Autoencoders", "GANs"]
applications = ["Games", "NLP", "Driving", "Art", "Robotics", "Health"]
datatypes = ["images", "video", "audio", "text", "DNA"]
action = ["Advancing", "Discovering", "Examining", "Learning", "Automating"]
area, architecture, applicaiton, datatype, action = c(areas), c(architectures), c(applications), c(datatypes), c(action)
View fun_with_batching.jl
using Flux
using Flux: reset!
# example:
N = 7
D = 2
m = RNN(D,3)
m.(rand(D, T))
View reaction.jl
using DifferentialEquations, Flux, Optim, DiffEqFlux, DiffEqSensitivity, Plots
using Plots
function reaction1!(du, u, p, t)
# Reaction: A + 2B → C
a, b, c = u
k, = p
rate = k * a*b^2
du[1] = da = -rate
du[2] = db = -2*rate
drozzy /
Last active Mar 7, 2018
Docker Compose example of Logspout and OKLog

This is an example of how to automatically log all the messages from docker containers. Logspout listens to containers and automatically routes the logs to OKLog.

To run the example simply issue:

docker-compose up -d

command. The test service here is simply to genereate a "Hello World" message. You would replace this with other services that are in your compose files.

You can browse UI here (there seem to be some issues with UI here, I'm not getting very consistent behavior):

View webhook_post
"action": "reopened",
"number": 2,
"pull_request": {
"url": "",
"id": 75922888,
"html_url": "",
"diff_url": "",
"patch_url": "",
"issue_url": "",
drozzy /
Last active Jan 8, 2021
FMC ( compositional and dynamic elements libraries


This is just some stencils I created for myself to draw FMC ( diagrams with

Here is how they look:



drozzy / XYPlorer
Last active Mar 18, 2016
XYPlorer Scripts
View XYPlorer


Collection of commandlets to add to XYPlorer catalog. Why? Because you can't right click on catalog items and pick "Open With". For all scripts: pick "Go to Location" and "Single instance".


Will open the current directoy in Git Bash.

run '"C:\Program Files\Git\git-bash.exe"';

drozzy /
Last active Dec 3, 2015
Event system based on git model
import itertools
from uuid import uuid4
class Event(object):
def __init__(self, id_, value):
self.id_ = id_
self.value = value
class Aggregate(object):
View Self Printing Program
x = ['print "x=", x', 'print "#Hello World"', 'for i in x: print i']
#Hello World
print "x =", x
print "#Hello World"
for i in x: print i