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[root@427686d2-caf2-edee-ecd6-9fccdead2d35 /opt/local/sbin]# howl-admin status
There are 3 handoffs pending!
[root@427686d2-caf2-edee-ecd6-9fccdead2d35 /opt/local/sbin]# howl-admin member-status
================================= Membership ==================================
Status Ring Pending Node
valid 34.4% -- 'howl@'
valid 32.8% -- 'howl@'
valid 32.8% -- 'howl@'
Valid:3 / Leaving:0 / Exiting:0 / Joining:0 / Down:0
[root@427686d2-caf2-edee-ecd6-9fccdead2d35 /opt/local/sbin]# howl-admin ring-status
================================== Claimant ===================================
Claimant: 'howl@'
Status: up
Ring Ready: true
============================== Ownership Handoff ==============================
No pending changes.
============================== Unreachable Nodes ==============================
All nodes are up and reachable
[root@427686d2-caf2-edee-ecd6-9fccdead2d35 /opt/local/sbin]#
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