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Testing strategy

We want to test for different scenario using a list of steps

  • Client needs testing setup ability:

    • Pre-load state
    • Pre-load blocks
    • Advanced; pre-load fork-choice
  • Scripting needs:

    • Actor model (names, or numbered)
    • Result codes
    • Grep from log
    • Timeouts
    • Detect client crash, extract logs etc.
  • rumor options:

    • -i -> REPL
    • pipe in commands (with actors)
    • specify script file
  • Python lib to call rumor

  • Test for RPC correctness

    • Test for valid responses/requests
    • Test for invalid inputs
    • Test for server errors being returned on requests
    • Out of order responses, other invalid outputs
  • Test Sync RPC

    • Regular by-range
    • Regular by-root
    • Sharded by-range
    • Edge-cases for each; e.g. missing chunk, ordering, quick end, bogus extra bytes, no EOF/reset etc.
    • Test all with and without compression
    • Test invalid compression
    • Test message size problems, e.g. 1 MB status
  • Test gossipsub;

    • Put messages on network
      • valid
      • invalid
  • Test connection, subsequent status req/resp, etc.

  • Test obvious connection management issues

    • E.g. sudden re-connects (lots of nodes, short repeats, etc.)
  • Test MUX choice

    • support yamux
    • support mplex
  • Test security choice

    • support secio
    • support noise
  • Test noise

    • Try handshake
    • Try dummy RPC over noise
  • Discv5: ask felix

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