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set debugfd [open "debug.txt" w]
rename proc _proc
_proc proc {name arglist body} {
uplevel 1 [list _proc $name $arglist $body]
uplevel 1 [list trace add execution $name enterstep [list ::proc_start $name]]
_proc proc_start {name command op} {
global debugfd
puts $debugfd "$name >> $command"
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$ PATH=$(pwd):$PATH git fetch localhg
Getting /home/schindelin/git/test-hg
*** failed to import extension hgext.hbisect: No module named hbisect
*** failed to import extension git from /home/schindelin/hg-git: cannot import name weakref
How can I help u todayz on ['localhg', 'hg+/home/schindelin/git/test-hg']?
Got command 'capabilities' with args ''
Capabilities are AWESUM.
Got command 'list' with args ''
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from ij.plugin import Duplicator
from ij3d import *
from java.awt import Font, Frame, Color
from import Transform3D
from voltex.Mask import BlendMethod, BlendSource
image = IJ.openImage("/home/iarganda/Desktop/Main_Page_files/Stitching-overview.jpg")
mirror = Duplicator().run(image, 1, image.getStackSize())
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Finding which commits last touched the files
If you _need_ to know which commit gave what file its current form, this script will help you:
(_please_, if you try to be helpful and edit the script, make _at least_ sure that it _still runs_ (that is particularly true if you insist on adding "use strict". Yikes, I thought this goes without saying!)
my %attributions = ();
my @files = ();
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Non generic AB: l=6677230168510043648, t=1764
Generic AB: l=6677230168510043648, t=1739
Generic A+B: l=6677230168510043648, t=1750
Final ABClass: l=6677230168510043648, t=1760
Final APlusBClass: l=6677230168510043648, t=1743
Inline: l=6677230168510043648, t=1975
Non generic AB: l=6677230168510043648, t=2568
Generic AB: l=6677230168510043648, t=2585
Generic A+B: l=6677230168510043648, t=2627
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<source lang="lisp">
(import '(ij IJ))
(def gold (IJ/openImage ""))
(.show gold)
View fiji dpkg output
rc fiji 20090513 The Fiji image processing suite (based on ImageJ)
ii fiji-base 20100818203510 Core components of Fiji
ii fiji-bunwarpj 20100818203510 [FIXME: please write a description for this Fiji packag
ii fiji-edu-mines-jtk 20100818203510 [FIXME: please write a description for this Fiji packag
ii fiji-imagej 20100818203510 [FIXME: please write a description for this Fiji packag
ii fiji-imglib 20100818203510 [FIXME: please write a description for this Fiji packag
ii fiji-jai 20100818203510 [FIXME: please write a description for this Fiji packa
cd /usr/lib/fiji
curl $url/current.txt |
while read package date has
case $package in
View postgresql-Fakefile.patch
diff --git a/Fakefile b/Fakefile
index 0eac65f..ae2854e 100644
--- a/Fakefile
+++ b/Fakefile
@@ -85,6 +85,9 @@ ENVOVERRIDES(JAVA_HOME)=true
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