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Gale-Shapley Algorithm
# Gale-Shapley matching
# From
doInstall <- TRUE # Change to FALSE if you don't want packages installed.
toInstall <- c("devtools", "animation")
if(doInstall){install.packages(toInstall, repos = "")}
lapply(toInstall, library, character.only = TRUE)
# Source the daa() function:
nOptions <- 15 # Although these matrices don't have to have the same dims
mPrefs <- t(replicate(nOptions, sample(1:nOptions, nOptions)))
wPrefs <- replicate(nOptions, sample(1:nOptions, nOptions))
heatmap(mPrefs, Rowv = NA, Colv = NA)
heatmap(wPrefs, Rowv = NA, Colv = NA)
galeShapleyResult <- daa(nMen = nOptions,
nWomen = nOptions,
m.prefs = mPrefs,
w.prefs = wPrefs)
matchMatrix <- 1*(matrix(rep(galeShapleyResult$matches, each=nOptions),
heatmap(1-matchMatrix, Rowv = NA, Colv = NA)
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