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Last active June 20, 2023 06:49
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### Added by Zinit's installer
if [[ ! -f $HOME/.local/share/zinit/zinit.git/zinit.zsh ]]; then
print -P "%F{33} %F{220}Installing %F{33}ZDHARMA-CONTINUUM%F{220} Initiative Plugin Manager (%F{33}zdharma-continuum/zinit%F{220})…%f"
command mkdir -p "$HOME/.local/share/zinit" && command chmod g-rwX "$HOME/.local/share/zinit"
command git clone "$HOME/.local/share/zinit/zinit.git" && \
print -P "%F{33} %F{34}Installation successful.%f%b" || \
print -P "%F{160} The clone has failed.%f%b"
source "$HOME/.local/share/zinit/zinit.git/zinit.zsh"
autoload -Uz _zinit
(( ${+_comps} )) && _comps[zinit]=_zinit
# Load a few important annexes, without Turbo
# (this is currently required for annexes)
zinit light-mode for \
zdharma-continuum/zinit-annex-readurl \
zdharma-continuum/zinit-annex-bin-gem-node \
zdharma-continuum/zinit-annex-patch-dl \
### End of Zinit's installer chunk
zinit light-mode wait lucid depth=1 for \
atinit"ZINIT[COMPINIT_OPTS]=-C; zpcompinit; zpcdreplay" \
zdharma-continuum/fast-syntax-highlighting \
atload"!_zsh_autosuggest_start" \
zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions \
blockf \
# oh-my-zsh libs
zi light-mode lucid for \
OMZ::lib/git.zsh \
OMZ::lib/grep.zsh \
OMZ::lib/history.zsh \
OMZ::lib/functions.zsh \
OMZ::lib/completion.zsh \
OMZ::lib/directories.zsh \
OMZ::lib/key-bindings.zsh \
# oh-my-zsh plugins
zi light-mode wait lucid for \
OMZ::plugins/git/git.plugin.zsh \
OMZ::plugins/pip/pip.plugin.zsh \
OMZ::plugins/python/python.plugin.zsh \
OMZ::plugins/history/history.plugin.zsh \
OMZ::plugins/autojump/autojump.plugin.zsh \
OMZ::plugins/gitignore/gitignore.plugin.zsh \
zinit ice wait lucid depth=1
zinit light MichaelAquilina/zsh-you-should-use
zinit ice lucid depth=1
zinit light romkatv/powerlevel10k
# To customize prompt, run `p10k configure` or edit ~/.p10k.zsh.
[[ -f ~/.p10k.zsh ]] && source ~/.p10k.zsh
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