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Layout Challenge

Layout Challenge

Create the layout attached below, using your preferred styling method (React or React Native). It does not need to be functional, rather concentrate on getting it as close to the design as possible.



Branding guides, colors and icons, can be downloaded here


The font style is Roboto it can be downloaded here


sample data

User data:

  "id": "5e81132169df12c084d23703",
  "firstName": "Holger",
  "lastName": "Ballweg",
  "completionRate": 23

Event data:

  "name": "UPFRONT Conference 2020",
  "date": "2020-04-12T18:30:00.000Z",
  "address": {
    "street": "Bridgewater",
    "city": "Manchester"
  "total_attendees": 29,
  "users_attending": 18,
  "companies_attendees": 11
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