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Lukas Erlacher duk3luk3

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duk3luk3 /
Created Oct 18, 2011 data collector
# data collector
import re
import mechanize
import json
import pprint
import sys
import time
import logging
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//for (long row = 0; row < nrows; ++row) {
// delete [] arr2[row];
//delete[] arr2;
for (long row = 0; row < nrows; ++row) {
free((double*) arr2[row]);
free((double**) arr2);
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* Checks if vector a and b are linear combinations of each other
* iff two vectors a and b are linear combinations of each other, then
* there exists a scalar f such that a*f=b.
int is_linear_combination(int* a, int* b, int len) {
//TODO: Ask mike1703 for his implementation using SIMD
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Name : gausstest.c
Author :
Version :
Copyright : Your copyright notice
Description : Hello World in C, Ansi-style
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There you go:

Let me first start off this guide by going over a few things. Times are changing and vehicles are starting to get very complicated. Vehicles that are 2010 and newer you will not want to get serviced at any back yard shop any more (other then general maintenance). The computer systems are complex and require specific scan tools/ trained technicians.
Things you need to think about before going to a shop:

  • Am I sure I know what is wrong with my car? If not its best to get it diagnosed first. Its wasting your time and money if you do not know the fault. Expect most shops to start at an hour for diagnosis, but can go a little higher (for general concerns). Big diesel trucks performance diagnosis starts around 4 hours.
  • When going to a shop with your concern make sure you explain every detail. (ie; There is a noise in my front end, sounds to be coming from the left hand side when going over bumps. Only happens when it is cold outside.) Don't just say I hear a noise. Spend the time thinkin
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[luke@Wheatley] ~$ coffee
coffee> fg = [ \
......> obj: \
......> children: [ \
......> obj: 'foo', \
......> obj: 'bar' \
......> ] \
......> ]
[ { obj: { children: [Object] } } ]
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def BranchWrapped(f, success, fail):
r = f()
print "success"
return r
print "fail"
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if (isServer) {
_randomPos = floor(random 2);
switch (_randomPos) do {
case 0: {
_this setPos [0412,0430,0];
case 1: {
_this setPos [0410,0395,3];
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if (isServer) then {
_randomPos = floor(random 2);
switch (_randomPos) do {
case 0: {
this setPos [0412,0430,0];
case 1: {
this setPos [0410,0395,3];
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Last active Dec 20, 2015
Salt on Linaro failure
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Using bootstrap:

root@bb8:~# wget -O - | sh --2013-08-02 18:02:28-- Resolving ( Connecting to (||:80... connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found Location: [following] --2013-08-02 18:02:28-- Resolving (