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Before we get started, the violinist subreddit is a fun place to hang out, lots of good questions and other beginners!

I've ended up taking something like a 4 pronged approach, I try to do at least an hour of each twice a week:

Music theory

Practicing scales and intonation

  • Here's a nice video to practice a long to.

  • Practice, practice, practice!

  • Intonia is a neat app (Android / PC / Mac) which can show you how close you are to hitting notes.

  • Also be sure to Google "violin mistakes" and see what bad habits you're picking up.

Practicing music

I'm no particularly great at this. I've been slowly working through Alison's Simply Gypsy series, I need to find / learn more though.

Playing with the band

Luckily I've been jamming with a band every week. It was very tough at first, but I found it's great to get experience playing with others (and fun too!). One tip: Get a recording of songs without any violin, then write a part, and play it next time you see them!

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