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Working hard

Đặng Minh Dũng dungdm93

Working hard
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dungdm93 /
Created Aug 28, 2015
[Java] [JPA] [JPQL] Parameters example
// JPA defines named parameters, and positional parameters.
// Named parameters can be specified in JPQL using the syntax :<name>.
Query query = em.createQuery("SELECT e FROM Employee e WHERE e.firstName = :first and e.lastName = :last");
query.setParameter("first", "Bob");
query.setParameter("last", "Smith");
List<Employee> list = query.getResultList();
// Positional parameters can be specified in JPQL using the syntax ? or ?<position>.
// Positional parameters start at position 1 not 0.
dungdm93 /
Last active Aug 30, 2015
[Java][JPA] LOB example
import javax.persistence.*;
public class User {
@GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY)
private int id;
private String name;
private String avatar;
dungdm93 / Console.txt
Last active Aug 30, 2015
[Java][JPA] Listener & Callback example
View Console.txt
[EL Info]: connection: 2015-08-30 12:52:11.554--ServerSession(1286783232)--/file:/C:/Users/KiT/IdeaProjects/Database Sample/service/target/classes/_pu login successful
[EL Fine]: sql: 2015-08-30 12:52:11.635--ClientSession(1437983537)--Connection(1614079837)--INSERT INTO EMPLOYEE (NAME, SALARY) VALUES (?, ?)
bind => [2 parameters bound]
[EL Fine]: sql: 2015-08-30 12:52:11.637--ClientSession(1437983537)--Connection(1614079837)--SELECT LAST_INSERT_ID()
[EL Fine]: sql: 2015-08-30 12:52:11.729--ServerSession(1286783232)--Connection(1614079837)--SELECT ID, NAME, SALARY FROM EMPLOYEE WHERE (ID = ?)
bind => [1 parameter bound]
dungdm93 / EclipseLink.out
Last active Aug 31, 2015
[Java][JPA] Field vs. Property Access
View EclipseLink.out
dungdm93 /
Created Aug 31, 2015
[Java][JPA] xml vs. annotation models mapping
package com.gem.demo.database.model;
public class Company {
public int id;
public String name;
public String address;
dungdm93 /
Created Sep 1, 2015
[Java 8] Constructor Reference example
interface NoArgConstructor<T> {
T foo();
interface ArgConstructor<T, U> {
T bar(U arg);
interface MultiArgsConstructor<T, U> {
T magic(U... arg);
dungdm93 /
Created Nov 5, 2015
[Java][JPA][Hibernate] UUID & Hibernate
public class Employee extends AbstractBaseEntity {
// Approach 1:
// @Id
// public String id;
// Approach 2:
// default column type is byte array
@Type(type = "org.hibernate.type.PostgresUUIDType") // or type = "pg-uuid"
import java.util.NoSuchElementException;
import java.util.Random;
public class RandomString {
public static void main(String[] args) {
long time = System.currentTimeMillis();
dungdm93 / ER diagram.png
Last active Dec 28, 2015
[Java] [JPA] Map @OneToMany, @manytoone example
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