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\begin{tabular}{@{}l b{3.1in}}
Dr.\@ Katherine J. Kuchenbecker \\
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems \\
+49 711 689-3510 \\
\url{} \\
} & {\raggedright Dr.\@ Kuchenbecker was my academic advisor at the University of Pennsylvania from 2013-2018 and now directs the Haptic Intelligence Department at MPI-IS.\par} \\
Siyao (Nick) Hu \\
University of Pennsylvania \\
(267) 496-8983 \\
} & {\raggedright Nick is one of my fellow graduate students in the Haptics Lab at Penn. We collaborated on electromechanical design and publications at the beginning of the Proton Pack project.\par} \\
Dr.\@ Matt Zucker \\
Swarthmore College \\
(610) 328-8636 \\
\url{} \\
} & {\raggedright Dr.\@ Zucker has been a robotics professor at Swarthmore since 2010. He supervised my summer research in 2011 and co-advised my senior design project.\par}
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