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for comprehensions as monad in clojure
(for [x [:a :b :c]
y [1 2 3]]
[x y])
(defn bind [mv f] (mapcat f mv))
(bind v1 (fn [x]
(bind v2 (fn [y]
(vector [x y])))))
(defmacro m-do [result
[sym1 mv1
sym2 mv2]
`(bind ~mv1 (fn [~sym1]
(bind ~mv2 (fn [~sym2]
(~result ~expression))))))
(m-do vector [x [:a :b :c]
y [1 2 3]]
[x y])

dustingetz commented Mar 7, 2013

this is from Jim Duey's unsession at clojure conj

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