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(def players-roster-rules
"Rules to test if a collection of players are a subset of the players
in a roster.
Usage Constraints:
- ?players must always be bound
- ?roster may be bound or unbound
Valid Uses:
- test if a specific ?roster contains all ?players
- find all instances of ?roster that contain all ?players
;; Assumptions:
;; 1. a roster has a set of players
;; 2. the set of players may be empty or non-empty
;; Case 1: Does a roster contain all players in the empty set?
[(players-roster [?players] ?roster)
;; The empty-set is a subset of all other sets, therefore
;; (players-roster #{} ?roster) is true for any ?roster.
;; Note: this acts as the base-case for the recursive rule in Case 2.
[(empty? ?players)]]
;; Case 2: Does a roster contain all players in a non-empty set?
[(players-roster [?players] ?roster)
;; given a non-empty set of ?players
[(not-empty ?players)]
;; consider one player and call it ?p1
[(first ?players) ?p1]
;; consider the other ?players without ?p1: ?players - ?p1
;; and call this set the ?remaining-players
[(rest ?players) ?remaining-players]
;; ?players is a subset of ?roster, iff:
;; 1. the ?roster has player ?p1,
[?roster :roster/players ?p1]
;; 2. and all the ?remaining-players are also in the ?roster
(players-roster ?remaining-players ?roster)
;; Note: the Case 1 is necessary when the preceeding clause matches the state:
;; (players-roster [a-player] ?roster)
;; which can be logically expanded into a sub-query conjunction containing
;; the clauses:
;; [?roster :roster/players a-player]
;; (players-roster [] ?roster) ;;<= matches Case 1 rule
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This is from a conversation with calvin.sauer in Clojurians/#datomic

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cjsauer commented Dec 21, 2018

Originally authored by @rheimbuch

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