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Spark convert CSV to Parquet.
def convert(sqlContext: SQLContext, filename: String, schema: StructType, tablename: String) {
// import text-based table first into a data frame.
// make sure to use com.databricks:spark-csv version 1.3+
// which has consistent treatment of empty strings as nulls.
val df =
// now simply write to a parquet file
// usage exampe -- a tpc-ds table called catalog_page
schema= StructType(Array(
StructField("cp_catalog_page_sk", IntegerType,false),
StructField("cp_catalog_page_id", StringType,false),
StructField("cp_start_date_sk", IntegerType,true),
StructField("cp_end_date_sk", IntegerType,true),
StructField("cp_department", StringType,true),
StructField("cp_catalog_number", LongType,true),
StructField("cp_catalog_page_number", LongType,true),
StructField("cp_description", StringType,true),
StructField("cp_type", StringType,true)))
// Let convert
convert(sqlContext, hadoopdsPath+"/catalog_page/*", schema, "catalog_page")

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commented Sep 13, 2017

An alternative way to do this is to first create data frame from csv file, then store this data frame in parquet file and then create a new data frame from parquet file.

scala > val df ="header","true").csv("csv_file.csv")
scala > df.write.parquet("csv_to_paraquet")
scala > val df_1 ="header","true").parquet("csv_to_paraquet")
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