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Created Jun 28, 2015
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NXLog AlienVault OSSIM configuration (
define ROOT /nxlog
Moduledir /usr/local/libexec/nxlog/modules
CacheDir %ROOT%/data
Pidfile %ROOT%/data/
SpoolDir %ROOT%/data
LogFile %ROOT%/data/nxlog.log
<Extension _syslog>
Module xm_syslog
<Extension json>
Module xm_json
<Input in_ossim>
Module im_file
File '/var/ossim/logs/*.log'
SavePos TRUE
ReadFromLast TRUE
PollInterval 1
Exec $Message = $raw_event;
<Output out_ossim>
Module om_tcp
Port 5142
<Route 1>
Path in_ossim => out_ossim
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