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Here's how bad channel data is stored in the COINS DB: Each scan session is stored as a row in the mrs_scan_sessions table. Multiple scan series may be associated with each scan, and are stored in the mrs_series table. Scan metadata categories like bad channels are stored in the mrs_scan_data_types table. Series are associated with many metadata categories the mrs_series_data table (which contains a series_id, a scan_data_type_id and a value).

Exporting this data through our more modern API would result in the following format:

        "scanId": 1234,
        "series": [
                "seriesId": 2345,
                "seriesData": [
                        "dataTypeId": 7,
                        "dataType": {
                            "label": "bad channel"
                        "value": 21
        "ursi": M87100000,
        "scanDate": "01/11/1993"
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