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Specify cancan attributes_for conditions even when using block syntax
# A quick hack that shows how to add a hash
# of conditions to cancan rules when the block syntax is used
# (sadly, you can't use the conditions and the block syntax at the time, so
# when you need to use a block you have to give up the conditions. until now!)
class Ability
include CanCan::Ability
def initialize(user)
# some rules here ...
can :create, Pizza do |pizza|"pizza") ||
rules.last.instance_variable_set("@conditions", { user_id: }) when PizzaController#new builds a Pizza via load_resource
#that pizza's user_id will automatically be populated
#just as if you had written the rule as:
# can :create, Pizza, user_id:
# more rules here...

Yay Ruby!!

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