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Peter Soboyejo dzt

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<html lang="en"><head>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, shrink-to-fit=no">
<meta name="description" content="">
<meta name="author" content="">
<link rel="icon" href="/docs/4.0/assets/img/favicons/favicon.ico">
<title>Offcanvas template for Bootstrap</title>
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dzt / main.c
Created Mar 5, 2020
HW2 CS2303
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#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <time.h>
typedef struct Marker {
int x;
int y;
} Marker;
dzt / routes.js
Last active Oct 25, 2019
Kleidi Bot Verification Endpoints
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import request from 'request';
import { machineIdSync } from 'node-machine-id';
import CryptoJS, { AES } from 'crypto-js';
const encryptData = (key, data) => {
if (data == null || data === '') return null;
return AES.encrypt(data, key).toString();
const decryptData = (key, data) => {
dzt / bundles.njk
Created May 15, 2019
Pagination using MongoDB, Nunjucks, and Express
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<small class="d-block text-right mt-3" style="padding-top: 30px;padding-bottom: 30px;">
{% set current = current|int %}
{% set pages = pages|int %}
{% if pages > 0 %}
<ul class="pagination text-center" style="position: absolute;left:50%;transform: translate(-50%,-50%);">
{% if current == 1 %}
<li class="page-item disabled"><a class="page-link">First</a></li>
{% else %}
<li class="page-item"><a class="page-link" href="/admin/bundles/1">First</a></li>
{% endif %}
dzt / ys.html
Created Mar 17, 2018
YeezySupply Variant Parsing
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<!doctype html>
<html lang="en-US">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>YEEZY SUPPLY</title>
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, height=device-height, minimum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=1">
<!--[if IE]>
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1" />
dzt /
Last active Mar 14, 2018
Chapter 10 - Recursion
public class DataSet {
private int[] values;
private int first;
private int last;
public DataSet(int[] values, int first, int last) {
this.values = values;
this.first = first;
this.last = last;
dzt / instructions.txt
Created Mar 4, 2018
Guide for Setting up Shopify Monitor v3 on the Raspberry Pi
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On The Raspberry Pi (After Installation of Ubuntu Mate)
sudo systemctl restart network-manager
sudo service ssh enable
On your Mac or Windows Command Line
View Supreme SS2018 Lookbook.csv
We can make this file beautiful and searchable if this error is corrected: No commas found in this CSV file in line 0.
Name Description Link Image
Faux Fur Repeater Bomber Faux fur with contrast faux fur pattern and jacquard logo viscose lining. Full zip closure with hand pockets at lower front.
Nylon Turnout Jacket Nylon with full zip closure and lobster hook storm placket. Hand pockets at lower front and embroidered logo on chest.
The Yard Hooded Work Jacket All cotton canvas with printed pattern and quilted cotton lining. Full zip closure with hand pockets at lower front. Original artwork by Lee Quinones.
Patches Denim Trucker Jacket All cotton denim with button front closure
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float[] a = new float[24];
int[] b = new int[500];
double[] c = new double[50];
char[] d = new char[10];
final int CLASS_SIZE = 0;
double[] QuizAvg = new double[CLASS_SIZE];
1 3 -2
17 6 11
4 2 2
dzt / 2cap.js
Created Nov 21, 2017
undefeated raffle script (use node undefeated.js to run it)
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var request = require('request');
var getToken = function(sitekey, key, callback) {
var twoCapID;
var checkCaptcha = function() {
url: '',
method: 'get',
qs: {
key: key,