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Created Mar 23, 2021
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Manjaro pinebook pro FDE howto


  • A manjaro x86_64 VM with X (see 4 for the reason behind the X requirement)
  • An extra disk. In my case, I've used a 8gb qcow2 empty file mapped as sata (important as the script only recognizes /dev/sd* or /dev/mmclblk* devices) so it is /dev/sda in the VM.


  • ssh into the VM
  • pacman -Syyu manjaro-arm-installer
  • Reboot (just in case as it should have updated a few packages, including the kernel)
  • ssh into the VM again
sudo -i
export CRYPT=y

It will ask you user/pass/software selection/keyboard/etc. then the luks password twice (first one to create the device, the second one to mount it)


  • power off the manjaro VM
  • plug a microsd into your computer and convert the qcow2 image into a raw one, then flash it to your microsd. Or just do it at once as:
qemu-img convert -f qcow2 -O raw manjaro-usb.qcow2 /dev/mmcblkX

Plug it into your pbp and profit!

In order to resize the luks partition:

  • parted /dev/mmcblkX, then resizepart NUMBER END (in my case, partition = 2, end = 125GB)
  • cryptsetup resize /dev/mapper/ROOT_MNJRO
  • resize2fs /dev/mapper/ROOT_MNJRO
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