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@ealsur ealsur/Function.cs
Created Feb 15, 2019

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Azure Cosmos DB + Functions Cookbook - monitoring
public static async Task Monitor(
[TimerTrigger("*/1 * * * * *", RunOnStartup = true)] TimerInfo timer, // Timer will trigger every 1 second, adjust CRON expression
[CosmosDB("%MonitoredDatabase%", "%MonitoredCollection%", ConnectionStringSetting = "CosmosDB")] DocumentClient monitoredCollectionClient,
[CosmosDB("%MonitoredDatabase%", "leases", ConnectionStringSetting = "CosmosDB")] DocumentClient leaseCollectionClient,
ILogger log)
var estimator = GetRemainingWorkEstimator(monitoredCollectionClient, leaseCollectionClient);
var remainingWork = await estimator.GetEstimatedRemainingWork();
// Send custom metric to App Insight
log.LogMetric("RemainingWork", remainingWork);
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