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GSoC final Submission for the Fineract CN SMS and Email Notification Service project

GSoC 2018 Final Submission ⚡️

Organization : Apache Software Foundation

Project Name : Fineract CN SMS/Email Notification Service

Mentor : Isaac Kamga

Student : Ebenezer Graham

Repository! 📁

  • All the code for the service can be found here. During the beginning of this programme, I created this repository for the service and transferred ownership to Apache eventually - notification service.

Documentation for the Notification Service 📄

Getting Started and setting up with the service. Use this linked to understand how the system works - Link

Implemented Features 🌱 🌱

  • Created the notification microservice (APIs, SMS and Email services)
  • Created documentation on Apache's Confluence wiki
  • Incorporated notification microservice into demo-server
  • Implement Notification Listener in demo server
  • Customer Event Listener

Features to Implement after GSoC

  • Message Template
  • Message Localisation
  • Notification subscription and unsubscription for customers (See UI design here)
  • Create Frontend in fims-web-app

Submited Pull Requests 😄

Notification Service

  • Unit, component Tests,Rest, command handlers, client manager and Bug Fixes - link


  • Adding the service to the demo-server - link

Copyright & License

See LICENSE file.

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