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Eric Bidelman ebidel

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ebidel / gist:d9c591d77b4c2b68c347
Created Aug 1, 2014
navigator.getBattery() read time
View gist:d9c591d77b4c2b68c347
var div = document.querySelector('div');
setInterval(function() {
var t0 =;
navigator.getBattery().then(function() {
ebidel / gist:0e3ed2f9bb5f1ae9583d
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Which is faster? <iframe style="display:none"> or <iframe><body style="display:none"></iframe>?
View gist:0e3ed2f9bb5f1ae9583d

Blink aborts computing styles on descendants of display:none nodes. If the inside of the iframe has <body style="display:none">, you make remove recalc style, no layout, no painting. <iframe style="display:none"> still does all that work because it's another document and the display:none effect does not transcend into the other document.

ebidel / gist:3723292
Created Sep 14, 2012
Beer Goggles bookmarklet
View gist:3723292'grayscale(0.5) blur(3px)';return false;
ebidel / example.html
Last active Nov 29, 2015
Polymer 0.5: reference an external <template> and use it for data binding
View example.html
<!--,output -->
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<link rel="import" href="templates.html" id="templates">
<polymer-element name="foo-bar">
ebidel / imports_timing.js
Last active Mar 24, 2016
HTML Imports Resource Timing performance
View imports_timing.js
// Know how fast your HTML Imports are.
// - doesn't show sub-import resources.
var imports = document.querySelectorAll('link[rel="import"]');
[], function(link) {
var entries = performance.getEntriesByName(link.href);'=== HTML Imports perf ===');
entries.forEach(function(e) {
console.log(, 'took', e.duration, 'ms');
ebidel / unused-html-imports-bookmarket.js
Last active Jul 31, 2016
Bookmarklet to help prune unnecessary HTML Imports loaded on a page.
View unused-html-imports-bookmarket.js
javascript:(function(){'use strict';var _temporalUndefined={};function _temporalAssertDefined(val,name,undef){if(val===undef){throw new ReferenceError(name+' is not defined - temporal dead zone');}return true;}(function(){'use strict';var els=_temporalUndefined;var allCustomElements=_temporalUndefined;var polymerRegisteredElements=_temporalUndefined;var diff=_temporalUndefined;function isCustomEl(el){return el.localName.indexOf('-')!=-1||el.getAttribute('is');}els=[]'html /deep/ *')).filter(function(el){return isCustomEl(el);}).map(function(el){return el.getAttribute('is')||el.localName;});allCustomElements=new Set(_temporalAssertDefined(els,'els',_temporalUndefined)&&els);{return;}).filter(function(name){var blacklist=_temporalUndefined;blacklist=['dom-template','array-selector','custom-style'];return(_temporalAssertDefined(blacklist,'blacklist',_temporalUndefined)&&blacklist).indexOf(name)==
ebidel / gist:3723309
Created Sep 14, 2012
Spotlight bookmarklet
View gist:3723309
// Save this in a bookmarklet and click it on a page:
javascript:(function(){function d(a,c){"circle("+a+"px, "+c+"px, "+b+"px)"}var b=90;window.addEventListener("mousemove",function(a){d(a.pageX,a.pageY)});window.addEventListener("mousewheel",function(a){if(a.shiftKey){a.preventDefault();var c=a.wheelDeltaY;b+=-c;b=0<c?Math.max(90,b):Math.min(b,window.innerHeight/2);d(a.pageX,a.pageY)}})})();
// Or paste this in the console and mouse over the page.
// SHIFT+mousewheel scroll makes the circle bigger/smaller.
(function() {
var radius = 90; // px
ebidel / ce.js
Created Feb 24, 2017
Custom elements bootup perf
View ce.js
'use strict';
customElements.define('x-hello', class extends HTMLElement {
static get observedAttributes() {
return ['name'];
constructor() {
attributeChangedCallback(attrName, oldVal, newVal) {
ebidel / index.html
Created Sep 16, 2016
<card-swiper> custom element - demonstrates the usage of the v1 polyfills.
View index.html
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, minimum-scale=1.0">
<title>How to use the Custom Elements v1 + Shadow DOM v1 polyfills</title>
body {
font-family: sans-serif;
ebidel / deep_find_all_elements.js
Last active Sep 22, 2017
Find all nodes used on the page, deep within v0 and v1 shadow DOM.
View deep_find_all_elements.js
* @author ebidel@ (Eric Bidelman)
* License Apache-2.0
* Convenience method finding all the DOM child nodes of a parent,
* includibg those within shadow roots. By default, all children
* under `<body>` will be returned. The parent node can be overridden
* by passing the `selector` param.
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