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Last active Jul 10, 2018
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ulimit gotcha
  • Different technique needed for GUI and non-GUI login:

  • Contents of /etc/security/limits.conf. For non-GUI login:
# FIXME: is * and root required?
@plus            soft    nofile          131072
@plus            hard    nofile          131072
  • Contents of /etc/systemd/system.conf. Uncomment following line. Other limits can also be set here. For GUI login.
# creates a report
lsof | perl -lane '$x{"$F[0]:$F[1]"}++;END { print "$x{$_}\t$_" for sort {$x{$a}<=>$x{$b}} keys %x}'

# open files by command name, can have multiple comments
lsof -c ssh -c init

# by user
lsof -u edc

# by process
lsof -p 27012

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