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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Send Rackspace Load Balancer Logs to Loggly or console output with node.js

Create a directory for this project and install the dependencies.

npm install adm-zip loggly

Download the log files for Rackspace Cloud Load Balancers from the Cloud Files container, ex: lb_123456_lb-name_Sep_2014.

Then, create an examples directory and put the zipped log files there.

Copy process-logs.js to a local file of the same name and add your loggly credentials.

Process Log Files with

node process-logs.js

You could also skip loggly all together and just use this to output logs to the console and just grep what you're looking for.

node process-logs.js | grep "search string"
var fs = require('fs'),
path = require('path'),
AdmZip = require('adm-zip'),
loggly = require('loggly');
var client = loggly.createClient({
token: "supersecret-token-here",
subdomain: "yoursubdomain"
var processZippedLogs = function(dir){
var files = fs.readdirSync(dir);
if(file.indexOf('access_log') === 0) {
var filePath = path.normalize(dir + '/' + file);
console.log('processing: ' + filePath);
var unzipLog = function(filename){
var zip = new AdmZip(filename);
var zipEntries = zip.getEntries(); // an array of ZipEntry records
zipEntries.forEach(function(zipEntry) {
// only log access_log files
if(zipEntry.entryName.indexOf('access_log') === 0){
zip.readAsTextAsync(zipEntry, function(data, err){
// process each line
var processLine = function(line, i, array){
// log the line if it exists
var lineInfo = line.split(' '),
message = lineInfo.slice(2).join(' '),
accountInfo = lineInfo[0].split('_'),
accountID = 'CloudAccount_' + accountInfo[0],
loadBalancerID = 'CloudLoadBalancer_' + accountInfo[1],
domain = lineInfo[1];
client.log(message, [accountID, loadBalancerID, domain], function(err, result){
if (err) {
// console.log('processed line ' + i, result);
// uncomment the line below to log message to console
// console.log(line)
// ex: download rackspace cloud load balancers log files
// from cloud files and put them in a folder called "examples" in this directory

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@eddywashere eddywashere commented Sep 25, 2014


  • This should send logs in bulk if it can, but currently the loggly nodejs library does not support it. (send logs as an array)
  • One day I'll use something like pkgcloud to import the logs at an interval.

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@cbfx cbfx commented Sep 25, 2014

clean, son.

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