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A Small Example of the Convenience of Currying

A while back I made a helper function:

export const accessor = (obj, defaultValue = null) => x => _.get(obj, x, defaultValue);

Pretty straightforward. It's just a function which creates a custom version of lodash's get for a specific object. Great for react.

Quick Summary of Lodash's Get:

Instead of doing something like this all the time:

isObject( && isObject( &&

I can do this

_.get(, 'address.zipcode', null)


Using accessor

Let's say you access an object house a lot. You could use accessor like so:

const house = accessor(;


Getting to the point

Ok, so I had my accessor. Happily using it.

Oh, I need to use lodash's get for some one time thing.

Oh, I haven't imported get—looks like I've only imported my helper function, "accessor", in this file I'm working in.

Meh. I'll just use it instead.


Hmmm. You know what.. That's not bad at all.

I get the get functionality like I normally would, with syntax func(...)(...) that reads pretty cleanly.

I still get the convenience of being able to make a custom accessor (like const house above).

And, I can do all this using only one function ("accessor") instead of two ("accessor" and "_.get").

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