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Created May 22, 2009

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some code to turn some django models into rdf for the application
from rdflib import ConjunctiveGraph, Namespace, Literal, URIRef, RDF, RDFS
from chronam.utils.rfc3339 import rfc3339
DC = Namespace('')
ORE = Namespace('')
OWL = Namespace('')
RDA = Namespace('')
XSD = Namespace('')
BIBO = Namespace('')
FOAF = Namespace('')
NDNP = Namespace('')
DCTERMS = Namespace('')
def title_to_graph(t, g=None, include_issues=True):
if not g:
g = make_graph()
uri = abstract_uri(t, 'title')
g.add((uri, RDF.type, BIBO['Newspaper']))
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['title'], Literal(
g.add((uri, RDA['placeOfPublication'], Literal(t.place_of_publication)))
for subject in t.subjects.all():
g.add((uri, DC['subject'], Literal(subject.heading)))
for language in t.languages.all():
if language.lingvoj:
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['language'], URIRef(language.lingvoj)))
if t.publisher and t.publisher != 's.n.':
g.add((uri, DC['publisher'], Literal(t.publisher)))
if t.essay:
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['description'], URIRef(t.essay.url)))
if include_issues:
for issue in t.issues.all():
g.add((uri, ORE['aggregates'], abstract_uri(issue, 'issue')))
for url in t.urls.all():
g.add((uri, RDFS.seeAlso, URIRef(url.value)))
for place in t.places.all():
if place.dbpedia:
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['coverage'], URIRef(place.dbpedia)))
if place.geonames:
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['coverage'], URIRef(place.geonames)))
if t.start_year and t.end_year:
start, end = t.start_year, t.end_year
if end == 'current':
end = 'unknown'
if start == '????':
start = 'unknown'
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['date'], Literal('%s/%s' % (start, end),
g.add((uri, ORE['isDescribedBy'], URIRef(rdf_uri(t))))
g.add((uri, RDFS.seeAlso, URIRef(t.marc.url)))
g.add((uri, RDFS.seeAlso, URIRef('' % t.lccn)))
g.add((uri, OWL['sameAs'], URIRef('info:lccn/%s' % t.lccn)))
if t.oclc:
g.add((uri, RDFS.seeAlso,
URIRef('' % t.oclc)))
g.add((uri, OWL['sameAs'], URIRef('info:oclcnum/%s' % t.oclc)))
if t.issn:
g.add((uri, OWL['sameAs'], URIRef('urn:issn:%s' % t.issn)))
return g
def issue_to_graph(i, g=None):
if not g:
g = make_graph()
uri = abstract_uri(i, 'issue')
g.add((uri, RDF.type, BIBO['Issue']))
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['title'], Literal('%s - %s' % (,
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['issued'], Literal(i.date_issued,
g.add((uri, ORE['isAggregatedBy'], abstract_uri(i.title, 'title')))
g.add((uri, ORE['isAggregatedBy'], abstract_uri(i.batch, 'batch')))
for page in i.pages.all():
g.add((uri, ORE['aggregates'], abstract_uri(page, 'page')))
g.add((uri, ORE['isDescribedBy'], URIRef(rdf_uri(i))))
return g
def page_to_graph(p, g=None):
if not g:
g = make_graph()
uri = abstract_uri(p, 'page')
g.add((uri, RDF.type, NDNP['Page']))
g.add((uri, NDNP['sequence'], Literal(p.sequence)))
g.add((uri, ORE['isAggregatedBy'], abstract_uri(p.issue, 'issue')))
jp2_uri = URIRef(p.jp2_url)
g.add((uri, ORE['aggregates'], jp2_uri))
g.add((jp2_uri, DC['format'], Literal('image/jp2')))
ocr_uri = URIRef(p.ocr_url)
g.add((uri, ORE.aggregates, ocr_uri))
g.add((ocr_uri, DC['format'], Literal('text/xml')))
pdf_uri = URIRef(p.pdf_url)
g.add((uri, ORE.aggregates, pdf_uri))
g.add((pdf_uri, DC['format'], Literal('application/pdf')))
txt_uri = URIRef(p.txt_url)
g.add((uri, ORE.aggregates, txt_uri))
g.add((txt_uri, DC['format'], Literal('text/plain')))
thumb_uri = URIRef(p.thumb_url)
g.add((uri, ORE.aggregates, thumb_uri))
g.add((uri, FOAF.depiction, thumb_uri))
g.add((thumb_uri, DC['format'], Literal('image/jpeg')))
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['issued'], Literal(p.issue.date_issued,
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['title'], Literal('%s - %s - %s' %
(, p.issue.date_issued, p.sequence))))
if p.number:
g.add((uri, NDNP['number'], Literal(p.number)))
if p.section_label:
g.add((uri, NDNP['section'], Literal(p.section_label)))
g.add((uri, ORE['isDescribedBy'], URIRef(rdf_uri(p))))
return g
def titles_to_graph(titles):
g = make_graph()
for title in titles:
g = title_to_graph(title, g, include_issues=False)
return g
def batch_to_graph(b):
g = make_graph()
uri = abstract_uri(b, 'batch')
g.add((uri, RDF.type, NDNP['Batch']))
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['created'], Literal(rfc3339(b.created),
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['title'], Literal(
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['creator'], abstract_uri(b.awardee, 'awardee')))
g.add((uri, NDNP['bag'], URIRef('/data/' + b.bag_relative_path)))
for issue in b.issues.all():
g.add((uri, ORE['aggregates'], abstract_uri(issue, 'issue')))
g.add((uri, ORE['isDescribedBy'], URIRef(rdf_uri(b))))
return g
def awardee_to_graph(a):
g = make_graph()
uri = abstract_uri(a, 'awardee')
g.add((uri, RDF.type, NDNP['Awardee']))
g.add((uri, DCTERMS['title'], Literal(
for batch in a.batches.all():
g.add((abstract_uri(batch, 'batch'), DCTERMS['creator'], uri))
g.add((uri, RDFS.isDefinedBy, rdf_uri(a)))
return g
def make_graph():
g = ConjunctiveGraph()
g.bind('dc', DC)
g.bind('ore', ORE)
g.bind('owl', OWL)
g.bind('rda', RDA)
g.bind('bibo', BIBO)
g.bind('foaf', FOAF)
g.bind('ndnp', NDNP)
g.bind('dcterms', DCTERMS)
return g
def abstract_uri(m, fragment):
return URIRef(m.url.rstrip('/') + '#' + fragment)
def rdf_uri(m):
return URIRef(m.url.rstrip('/') + '.rdf')
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