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JSON from Twitter API v1.1 for labeled tweet:
"created_at": "Sun Aug 23 11:25:59 +0000 2020",
"id": 1297495295266357200,
"id_str": "1297495295266357248",
"full_text": "So now the Democrats are using Mail Drop Boxes, which are a voter security disaster. Among other things, they make it possible for a person to vote multiple times. Also, who controls them, are they placed in Republican or Democrat areas? They are not Covid sanitized. A big fraud!",
"truncated": false,
"display_text_range": [
"entities": {
"hashtags": [],
"symbols": [],
"user_mentions": [],
"urls": []
"source": "<a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\">Twitter for iPhone</a>",
"in_reply_to_status_id": null,
"in_reply_to_status_id_str": null,
"in_reply_to_user_id": null,
"in_reply_to_user_id_str": null,
"in_reply_to_screen_name": null,
"user": {
"id": 25073877,
"id_str": "25073877",
"name": "Donald J. Trump",
"screen_name": "realDonaldTrump",
"location": "Washington, DC",
"description": "45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸",
"url": "",
"entities": {
"url": {
"urls": [
"url": "",
"expanded_url": "",
"display_url": "",
"indices": [
"description": {
"urls": []
"protected": false,
"followers_count": 85703011,
"friends_count": 50,
"listed_count": 118941,
"created_at": "Wed Mar 18 13:46:38 +0000 2009",
"favourites_count": 5,
"utc_offset": null,
"time_zone": null,
"geo_enabled": true,
"verified": true,
"statuses_count": 55281,
"lang": null,
"contributors_enabled": false,
"is_translator": false,
"is_translation_enabled": true,
"profile_background_color": "6D5C18",
"profile_background_image_url": "",
"profile_background_image_url_https": "",
"profile_background_tile": true,
"profile_image_url": "",
"profile_image_url_https": "",
"profile_banner_url": "",
"profile_image_extensions_alt_text": null,
"profile_banner_extensions_alt_text": null,
"profile_link_color": "1B95E0",
"profile_sidebar_border_color": "BDDCAD",
"profile_sidebar_fill_color": "C5CEC0",
"profile_text_color": "333333",
"profile_use_background_image": true,
"has_extended_profile": false,
"default_profile": false,
"default_profile_image": false,
"following": false,
"follow_request_sent": false,
"notifications": false,
"translator_type": "regular"
"geo": null,
"coordinates": null,
"place": null,
"contributors": null,
"is_quote_status": false,
"retweet_count": 0,
"favorite_count": 0,
"favorited": false,
"retweeted": false,
"lang": "en"
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