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In case you are curious, this the is the local database of facts bundled with the Washington Post's browser extension to provide context to Trump's tweets.
// status, code, explanation, link
// codes
// 1: This is incorrect or false.
// 2: There's important context missing.
// 3: Just so you know.
var tweets = [
["809717035353722880", 1, "Documents published after Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's email was hacked indicate that then-CNN-contributor Donna Brazile sent some questions from a CNN Democratic primary town hall event to the campaign in advance. When the chair of the Democratic National Committee resigned after documents stolen from the DNC were leaked, Brazile stepped in as acting chair -- after the leaks above. Both hacks are believed by intelligence agencies to have originated in Russia. What Brazile did, by the way, is in no way illegal.", ""],
["809403760099422208", 1, "In October, U.S. intelligence agencies released a public statement warning about Russian hacking. Trump addressed the issue during debates. When the White House learned that some agencies thought the hacking was meant to benefit Trump's candidacy, it weighed speaking out more forcefully prior to the election. Ultimately it didn't, worried about influencing the outcome.", ""],
["809389774066814976", 1, "His advisers have said that it is complex.", ""],
["809383989018497024", 3, "This appears to have been in retribution for a bad review of the restaurant in Trump Tower.", ""],
["808638507161882624", 3, "Want to know more about Tillerson?", ""],
[["808532286664822784","808529888630239232","808528428123254785"], 2, "Trump originally pledged to hold a press conference on Dec. 15 to explain how he would avoid conflicts of interest as president. That was cancelled before it happened. There remain questions about how Trump will ensure that his presidential decisions don't unduly benefit his corporate interests, even if he's not the titular head of the Trump Organization.", ""],
["808300706914594816", 1, "It was.", ""],
["807588632877998081", 2, "The idea that he might work on his television show -- for which he retains a producer credit -- was raised by his former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.", ""],
["807547249681166336", 2, "The idea that he might work on his television show -- for which he retains a producer credit -- was raised by his former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway.", ""],
["806660011904614408", 2, "Trump attacked Jones because the union leader pointed out (in strong language) that Trump's claims about the jobs being saved at the Carrier plant in Indiana were inflated. Trump apparently saw Jones making the claim on CNN, and took to Twitter to respond.", ""],
["806678853305384960", 2, "Trump is here responding to the leader of the union, who had pointed out on CNN that Trump's description of how many jobs were saved at the Carrier plant in Indiana was inflated.", ""],
["806214236053667842", 1, "The amount of money at stake indicates that much of the investment promised by SoftBank's Masa would have ended up in the United States regardless of the election outcome.", ""],
["806134244384899072", 3, "This tweet appears to have been sent in response to a speech the CEO of Boeing gave in which he tacitly criticized Trump's policies on trade.", ""],
[["805278955150471168", "808114703922843649"], 3, "Trump regularly watches -- and complains about -- television shows.", ""],
[["804863098138005504", "804848711599882240"], 3, "Trump's phone call with the leader of Taiwan marked an unexpected and dramatic break with past practice. The United States has a long-standing policy of accepting that Taiwan is part of China. By holding this call with the elected president of Taiwan, Trump bucked that tradition. Apparently, he'd been planning the interaction for some time.", ""],
["804170300908781570", 3, "This factory made furnaces.", ""],
["803567993036754944", 3, "This tweet appears to have have been a response to a Fox News report about college students burning flags.", ""],
["803434300846862336", 1, "There is no sense in which the election results were a 'landslide.'", ""],
["803033642545115140", 1, "There was no significant voter fraud in any of these states, as officials from each state made clear after this tweet. What's more, the campaign itself admitted in a court filing in Michigan that the election hadn't been tainted by fraud.", ""],
["802972944532209664", 1, "Trump didn't win in a landslide in any sense -- but more importantly there is absolutely no evidence that there were a significant number of votes cast illegally, much less 'millions' of them.", ""],
["265895292191248385", 1, "No, it wasn't. Climate change was created, scientists believe, by decades of carbon dioxide and other emissions mostly from burning fossil fuels. Those gases travel to the atmosphere and prevent heat from escaping into space.", ""],
[["810121703288410112","810099766063493120"], 3, "There have been other instances in which the Chinese have seized American military property. In 2001, following a collision with a Chinese fighter, an American spy plane was forced to land in China where it and its crew were held for days.", ""],
["810109131537481728", 2, "Many people are saying that, according to polling -- but they're much likely to be Republicans and people who voted for Trump.", ""]
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