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Code to generate bag of word vectors in Python
# import statments
import numpy
import re
Tokenize each the sentences, example
Input : "John likes to watch movies. Mary likes movies too"
Ouput : "John","likes","to","watch","movies","Mary","likes","movies","too"
def tokenize(sentences):
words = []
for sentence in sentences:
w = word_extraction(sentence)
words = sorted(list(set(words)))
return words
def word_extraction(sentence):
ignore = ['a', "the", "is"]
words = re.sub("[^\w]", " ", sentence).split()
cleaned_text = [w.lower() for w in words if w not in ignore]
return cleaned_text
def generate_bow(allsentences):
vocab = tokenize(allsentences)
print("Word List for Document \n{0} \n".format(vocab));
for sentence in allsentences:
words = word_extraction(sentence)
bag_vector = numpy.zeros(len(vocab))
for w in words:
for i,word in enumerate(vocab):
if word == w:
bag_vector[i] += 1
print("{0} \n{1}\n".format(sentence,numpy.array(bag_vector)))
allsentences = ["Joe waited for the train", "The train was late", "Mary and Samantha took the bus",
"I looked for Mary and Samantha at the bus station",
"Mary and Samantha arrived at the bus station early but waited until noon for the bus"]

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jahangircsebuet commented May 6, 2019

Nice explanation. easy to understand.

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