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@edulix edulix/gist:4000948
Created Nov 2, 2012

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ls bin/
avcodec-54.dll KShowAVE.dll QtDeclaratived4.dll QtScriptTools4.dll
avcodec.lib KShowCore.dll qtdemo.exe QtScriptToolsd4.dll
avdevice-54.dll KShowDataModel.dll QtDesigner4.dll QtSql4.dll
avdevice.lib kshowencoding msvcp100.dll QtDesignerComponents4.dll QtSqld4.dll
avfilter-3.dll kshowencoding.exe msvcr100.dll QtDesignerComponentsd4.dll QtSvg4.dll
avfilter.lib libencodinglib.a opengl32 QtDesignerd4.dll QtSvgd4.dll
avformat-54.dll libjack.def opengl32.dll qtenv2.bat QtTest4.dll
avformat.lib libjack.lib postproc-52.dll QtGui4.dll QtTestd4.dll
avutil-51.dll libjackserver.def postproc.lib QtGuid4.dll qttracereplay.exe
avutil.lib libjackserver.lib pthreadgc2.dll QtHelp4.dll QtWebKit4.dll
ftgl.dll libKShowDataModel.a qfilecopier.dll QtHelpd4.dll QtWebKitd4.dll
gl.dll Qt3Support4.dll QtMultimedia4.dll QtXml4.dll
glew32.dll Qt3Supportd4.dll QtMultimediad4.dll QtXmld4.dll
glew.dll qt3to4.exe QtNetwork4.dll QtXmlPatterns4.dll
glu32.dll QtCLucene4.dll QtNetworkd4.dll QtXmlPatternsd4.dll
glu.dll libltcsmpte.a QtCLucened4.dll QtOpenGL4.dll swresample-0.dll
glut32.dll libportaudio-2.dll QtCore4.dll QtOpenGLd4.dll swresample.lib
glut.dll libqfilecopier.a QtCored4.dll QtScript4.dll swscale-2.dll
IEShims.dll QtDeclarative4.dll QtScriptd4.dll swscale.lib

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commented Sep 25, 2017

Is there somewhere I can access all of these files...?

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