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Last active Aug 12, 2016

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Hilbert Curves
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;; curve-or-what-the-labyrinth-really-looked-like/
(def hilbert-rules {:L [:+ :R :F :- :L :F :L :- :F :R :+]
:R [:- :L :F :+ :R :F :R :+ :F :L :-]})
(defn produce-steps [rules start-steps iters]
(loop [steps start-steps
i iters]
(if (zero? i)
(filter #{:- :+ :F} steps)
(recur (flatten (for [sym steps] (sym rules sym)))
(dec i)))))
(defn turn-left [heading] (get {:N :W :W :S :S :E :E :N} heading))
(defn turn-right [heading] (get {:N :E :E :S :S :W :W :N} heading))
(defn heading-x [heading] (get {:N 0 :E 1 :S 0 :W -1} heading))
(defn heading-y [heading] (get {:N 1 :E 0 :S -1 :W 0} heading))
(defn steps->verts [steps]
(loop [ops (list [0 0]) x 0 y 0 heading :N steps steps]
(if (not (seq steps))
(reverse ops)
(let [step (first steps)]
(cond (= step :+)
(recur ops x y (turn-right heading) (rest steps))
(= step :-)
(recur ops x y (turn-left heading) (rest steps))
(= step :F)
(let [new-x (+ x (heading-x heading))
new-y (+ y (heading-y heading))]
(recur (cons [new-x new-y] ops)
new-x new-y
heading (rest steps)))
(throw (Exception. (format "Unknown step: %s" step))))))))
(defn verts-min-pt [verts]
[(reduce min (Double/POSITIVE_INFINITY) (map first verts))
(reduce min (Double/POSITIVE_INFINITY) (map second verts))])
(defn verts-max-pt [verts]
[(reduce max (Double/NEGATIVE_INFINITY) (map first verts))
(reduce max (Double/NEGATIVE_INFINITY) (map second verts))])
(defn verts-scale [verts scale]
(map (fn [[x y]] [(* scale x) (* scale y)]) verts))
(defn verts-offset [verts x-delta y-delta]
(map (fn [[x y]] [(+ x x-delta) (+ y y-delta)]) verts))
(defn svg-tag [width height content]
(let [ns "xmlns=\"\">"]
(format "<svg height=\"%f\" width=\"%f\"\n %s\n %s</svg>"
width height ns content)))
(defn verts->points-string [verts]
(->> verts
(map (fn [[x y]] (format "%f,%f" (double x) (double y))))
(clojure.string/join " ")))
(defn verts->svg [verts style]
(let [[width height] (verts-max-pt verts)
[min-x min-y] (verts-min-pt verts)
width (double (+ width min-x))
height (double (+ height min-y))]
(svg-tag width height
(format "<polyline\n points=\"%s\"\n style=\"%s\" />\n"
(verts->points-string verts) style))))
(defn open-in-browser [s prefix suffix]
(let [f ( prefix suffix)
path (.getCanonicalPath f)]
(.deleteOnExit f)
(spit f s)
(printf "Opening \"%s\" in Safari" path)
( "open" "-b" "" path)))
(defn open-in-app [s prefix suffix]
(let [f ( prefix suffix)
path (.getCanonicalPath f)]
(.deleteOnExit f)
(spit f s)
(printf "Opening \"%s\" in default app" path)
( "open" path)))
(-> (produce-steps hilbert-rules '(:L) 7)
(verts-scale 4.0)
(verts-offset 5 5)
(verts->svg "fill:none; stroke: black; stroke-width: 0.5;")
(open-in-app "hilbert" ".svg"))
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