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The JSONP for pro forma comments at RPG.SE, accessible via script.
{ "name": "[Q] Answering in comments not supported", "description": "♦ Reminder: We do not support [answers in comments]( because comments do not support features like proper voting and the wiki-style editing that allow us to vet, correct, and improve the content."},
{ "name": "[Q] Don't answer in comments, FAQ", "description": "♦ Reminder: comments are for helping manage the post, not for posting small or incomplete answers. (See [the relevant FAQ for details]( Previous answers in comments have been removed."},
{ "name": "[Q] Stop answering in comments.", "description": "♦ Reminder: comments are for clarifying content, <a href=\"\">not posting small or incomplete answers</a>. Please only use answer posts to submit answers on the site. Prior comments containing answers have been removed."},
{ "name": "[Q] Stop discussing in comments.", "description": "♦ Reminder: comments are for clarifying content, not discussion. Please take any discussion to <a href=\"\">$SITENAME$ Chat</a>. Prior discussion has been removed."},
{ "name": "[A] Commenting in an answer", "description": "This is really a comment, not an answer. With a bit more rep, <a href=\"//$SITEURL$/privileges/comment\">you will be able to post comments</a>. For the moment I've added the comment for you, and I've deleted this post. If this was intended to be an answer you can still [edit] it while it is deleted to make it more clearly a real answer, and then flag it for moderator attention. Thanks!"},
{ "name": "[A] Adding a new question as an answer", "description": "If you have another question, please ask it by clicking the <a href=\"//$SITEURL$/questions/ask\">Ask Question</a> button. Include a link to this question if it helps provide context."},
{ "name": "[A] OP using an answer for further information", "description": "Please use the <em>Post answer</em> button only for actual answers. You should modify your original question to add additional information."},
{ "name": "[A] How to not be a spammer", "description": "Please note if you want to promote your own product/blog you **must disclose your affiliation**, otherwise your answer may be flagged as spam. For more information, see [How to not be a spammer](//$SITEURL$/help/promotion) in the [Help]."},
{ "name": "[A] Not an independent answer", "description": "So that this is a real answer on its own, <a href=\"\">it's preferable that it answer the question independently</a> by including any necessary statements, and not refer the reader to other answers (except perhaps to give due credit)."},
{ "name": "[A] Answers just to say Thanks!", "description": "Please don't add \"thanks\" as answers. Invest some time in the site and you will gain sufficient <a href=\"//$SITEURL$/privileges\">privileges</a> to upvote answers you like, which is the $SITENAME$ way of saying thank you."},
{ "name": "[A] Link-only answer", "description": "While this may theoretically answer the question, <a href=\"\">it would be preferable</a> to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link only for reference."},
{ "name": "Merge accounts", "description": "You appear to have accidentally created more than one account. You will be unable to comment on or accept answers to your own question until you <a href=\"//\">merge your accounts using the instructions in the help centre</a>."},
{ "name": "[Q] Poll question", "description": "As written this is just a poll of the site membership, [a type of question we don't accept](// This would need to be rephrased to be asking for us to solve a specific problem to be answerable in our Q&A site format. If you do actually want to poll DMs' opinions though, you may want a [discussion forum instead]("},
{ "name": "[Q] Idea generation", "description": "Idea-generation questions don't really work in the Stack Exchange site format. As a rule they result in a list of ideas with <a href=\"\">no obvious way for voters to tell which answers are better than others</a>. If you have a specific problem that can have a right answers we could help with that. Otherwise, you may just actually want a <a href=\"\">chat room or discussion forum</a> instead of a Stack."},
{ "name": "[Q] Idea generation (short)", "description": "Idea-generation questions don't work in the Stack Exchange site format, since they [can't have a right answer]( as the site's systems expect. For gathering ideas, we suggest using an RPG discussion site. We've put together a [list of discussion sites]( to make it easier to find one. Good luck!"},
{ "name": "[Q] Soliciting feedback", "description": "Questions just asking for feedback don't work in the Stack Exchange site format, since they result in discussion, and discussion is off-topic. If you are seeking feedback, you were probably looking for a <a href=\"\">discussion forum, like one of these</a>, instead of a Stack."},
{ "name": "[Q] Asker thinks we're a forum", "description": "It seems like this is more an invitation to open a discussion. <a href=\"//$SITEURL$/help/on-topic\">Questions here have specific answers</a> rather than requesting general input. <a href=\"\">Your question might be better suited to a chat room or a traditional forum</a>, as you'll get more helpful feedback on a site intended for open-ended discussion."},
{ "name": "[Q] Why design? prompt", "description": "This is an invitation to discussion and speculation, so it's been put on hold. One possible way to revise this question to be on-topic is to change it to be asking for what the *designers* have said are their reasons for this design choice. However, we'll leave that change up to you to make, since you may simply not be interested in that information, and do actually want to hear fellow RPGers' opinions. If the latter is the case, a Stack isn't suited to that (otherwise fine!) question, but <a href=\"\">an RPG discussion forum</a> would be quite well suited."},
{ "name": "[A] Poster thinks we're a forum (short)", "description": " isn't a discussion forum and answer posts are not for general discussion, only for attempts to solve the problem in the question."},
{ "name": "[A] Poster thinks we're a forum (cheers)", "description": "However, I must point out that we are not a discussion forum; we do <em>only</em> questions and answers, and don't host discussion. Since this is an attempt to discuss the topic instead of help solve the problem, it has been deleted, but do feel free to look around and see if there are any questions you can help solve. Cheers!"},
{ "name": "[A] Failed to Back It Up", "description": "The answer lacks detailed discussion of the author's experience with these observations, problems, and solutions."},
{ "name": "Flame magnet", "description": "Since <a href=\"\">we embrace a plurality of playstyles</a>, this wording is unnecessarily divisive and could be improved with a small \[edit\] while retaining its point."},
{ "name": "Fake headings", "description": "Could you give this an [edit] to replace the <a href=\"\">fake headers with real headers</a>? (You can do that just by replacing the `**` with `##`.) Fake headers might look fine to sighted people, but because a computer thinks they're just a bold normal sentence they cause problems for people using accessibility software to navigate the page or speak it aloud. Thanks!"},
{ "name": "[Q] Don't delete duplicates", "description": "Duplicate posts are actually very useful and <a href=\"\">it's encouraged to not delete them</a>."},
{ "name": "[A] Another user adding a 'Me too!'", "description": "Answers are only for answer the question, not general discussion or replies. If you have sufficient reputation, <a href=\"//$SITEURL$/privileges/vote-up\">you may upvote</a> the question. Alternatively, \"star\" it as a favorite and you will be notified of any new answers. If you have a <strong>new</strong> question, please ask it by clicking the <a href=\"//$SITEURL$/questions/ask\">Ask Question</a> button."}
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