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@egoist egoist/adonuxt.sao.js
Last active Jan 6, 2017

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module.exports = {
template: 'handlebars',
templateOptions: {
helpers: {
raw: function(options) {
return options.fn(this)
prompts: {
name: {
'type': 'string',
'required': true,
'message': 'Project name',
'role': 'folder:name'
description: {
'type': 'string',
'required': false,
'message': 'Project description',
'default': 'An Adonis and Nuxt.js project'
author: {
'type': 'string',
'message': 'Author',
'role': 'git:name'
post(ctx) {
ctx.install() // npm/yarn install
ctx.init() // git init
console.log(ctx.chalk.bold(` To get started:\n`))
if (ctx.isNewFolder) {
console.log(` cd ${ctx.folderName}`)
console.log(` mv .env.example .env`)
console.log(` npm run dev\n`)
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