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Last active Nov 29, 2018
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Linking Publications to Topics: Wikidata, WikiCite, and Scholia
WikiCite, Wikidata, and Scholia: Linking Publications to Topics
Egon Willighagen <>
Keywords, MeSH terms: simple solution to link topics to publications.
However, our collective knowledge is not captured in single article.
Indeed, each article builds on the effort explained in other articles.
Citation networks are in intrinsic aspect of the provenance of our
knowledge. Wikidata, WikiCite, and Scholia provide a FAIR and Open
solution. Wikidata allows linking topics with articles about them.
WikiCite provides the citation graph, and Scholia visualizes it all.
- Generate tools to automate linking articles with their 'main subjects'
- Develop SPARQL queries that find common topics in articles cited
by some article
- Classify articles cited by some article, based on their 'main subjects'
- Develop SPARQL queries that find authors that specialize in some topic
- Write a new extension for Scholia for a type of topic (existing topics
are proteins, genes, chemicals, etc)
- Write a Scholia extension that shows missing topic annotation of cited
- Write code to generate `main subject` annotation coverage for the
various Scholia topics (aspects)
- Add BioSchemas JSON-LD annotation to Scholia pages
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