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Script that uses SPARQL to detect HMDB identifiers in the old format and creates QuickStatements to replace them with the same identifier in the new scheme
sparql = """
PREFIX wdt: <>
SELECT (substr(str(?cmp),32) as ?wd) ?hmdb WHERE {
?cmp wdt:P2057 ?hmdb .
FILTER (STRLEN(STR(?hmdb)) = 9)
} ORDER BY ?hmdb LIMIT 500
if (bioclipse.isOnline()) {
results = rdf.sparqlRemote(
"", sparql
def renewFile(file) {
if (ui.fileExists(file)) ui.remove(file)
return file
mappingsFile = "/HMDB/patternUpdates.txt"
mappingContent = ""
for (i=1;i<=results.rowCount;i++) {
rowVals = results.getRow(i)
wdid = rowVals[0]
hmdb = rowVals[1]
mappingContent += "-${wdid}\tP2057\t\"${hmdb}\"\n"
hmdb = hmdb.replace("HMDB", "HMDB00")
mappingContent += "${wdid}\tP2057\t\"${hmdb}\"\n"
ui.append(mappingsFile, mappingContent)
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