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chatsecure single account auto-signs in
WelcomeActivity I doOnResume
I accountsSignedIn
I accountsSignedIn: gptest
I isSignedIn gptest OFFLINE
I accountsAvailable
I accountsAvailable: gptest
I accountsConfigured: gptest
I doOnResume countSignedIn 0 countAvailable 1 countConfigured 1
SignInHelper I setSignInListener
WelcomeActivity I signInAll
I signInAccountAtPosition position 0
I signInAccountAtPosition: OFFLINE
I signInAccountAtPosition position 0 Imps.ConnectionStatus.OFFLINE
I signInAccountAtPosition position 0 Imps.ConnectionStatus.OFFLINEtrue
I signIn accountId 1
SignInHelper I signIn 1 1 false
WelcomeActivity I doOnResume mSignInHelper.setSignInListener connectedToService
SignInHelper I activateAccount 1 1
I signInAccount 1 Jabber (XMPP) 1
I signInAccountAsync 1 Jabber (XMPP) 1
WelcomeActivity I doOnResume mSignInHelper.setSignInListener stateChanged 1 0OFFLINE
ImConnectionAdapter I login 1 1
I do_login 1 1
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