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Last active Jan 3, 2016
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Re: The Next Phase of Node.js
From: "Max F. Albrecht" <>
Subject: Re: [npm] Re: The Next Phase of Node.js
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 22:07:09 +0100
To: "" <>
Am 15.01.2014 um 22:49 schrieb Isaac Schlueter <>:
> if you're happy with the current status quo, you can just take it easy and maybe eventually get a job where you use npm for > work stuff also :)
Hey, that's me! ;)
On that note, and while we are talking about the future of npm: are there any plans regarding projects that itself build on npm, especially package.json?
I mean projects like bower that "node package" more than node modules – they work npm-ish with similar data formats, so the opportunities for reusing existing code etc. could go beyond the cli (i.e. a bower registry would be nice to have and should also #scale like npm).
(Disclaimer: I am also working on such a project, packaging books/writing projects)
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